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Heirloom Re-design


9K RECYCLED SOLID GOLD + Upcycled Topaz 

An old inherited earring with a large brilliant cut Topaz gemstone, that had lost its partner, was redesigned into a golden ring in 9K recycled gold.

Price range: €€€


IMG_8462 (2)
Heirloom redesign by Marie Beatrice Gade earring in hand
IMG_8468 (2)

Engagement Rings



A set of his and hers engagement rings inspired by the ocean, designed the lovebirds for Jani and Emmi. Two diamond insets: 1 mm and 1,3 mm diamonds.

Price range: €€€€




Rainbow Necklace


9K recycled solid gold, 45 cm chain with extension link

A rainbow necklace made from recycled solid 9K gold with engraving on the back. Designed for Amelia's 21st birthday.

Price range: €€€

Bespoke order at M of Copenhagen held in hand
Custom order pendant necklace by M of Copenhagen showcased in jewellery box

Calcified clam pendant


Recycled 925 Sterling silver

A pendant necklace suspending a calcified clam found on a beach in Denmark. Andrea wanted a way to carry this little treasure with her and commissioned the work to me. 

Price range: €€€


Wedding Rings


Recycled 925 Sterling silver

Heidi and Tatu wanted a set of wedding rings in recycled silver and had fallen in love with my Adelphi + Thor set. I designed a third "new member" of the set for Tatu and the other two were made for Heidi. 

Price range:€€€


image1 (26)

Rippled Pendant Necklace



Anne reached out to me about having a gold pendant necklace made for herself. Together we came up with this design: an 8 mm diameter disc of 0,8 mm thick yellow gold domed and hammered to give a rippled surface texture. The pendant was paired with a 45 cm long, 0,5 mm wide 9K Diamond Curb Cut chain.

Price range: €€€


image0 (2)

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